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Friday, 12 August, 2011

How to Transfer balance in TataDocomo Mobile Network

We would like to share a tip-probably its official way to transfer balance among TataDocomo networks. I noticed many friends asking way to transfer balance from Tata Docomo to Tata Docomo
So, we would like to share how to transfer Balance from one docomo mobile number to another. For transfering balance in Docomo mobile, simple follow below procedure.
type ” BT MobileNumber amount ” and send it to >> 54321
For Example, if you want to transfer Rs.50 in to 9678344533 mobile number then
BT 9678344533 50  and will send that message to 54321, in reverse,That mobile number(A mobilenumber that needs to receive balance- here in our Example 9678344533 ) needs to send reverse message
RBT Transaction ID and send It it to 54321
Charges for Docomo to docomo Balalnce Transfer :
It will be charged at Re.1 and and reverse SMS is free. so, So, one time balance transfer charge you only 1 Rs.
  • The sender’s account balance for “Balance Transfer” has to be Transfer Amount + Rs.1 at the time of transfer.
  • If balance is not sufficient the transfer will be declined. However, the SMS will be charged.
  • In case of Reversals the amount reversed will be dependent on the balance available with the recipient.
  • The system will recognize “BT” or “bt” or “Bt”. means no case sensetive. you can type either way.
  • You can send minimum of Rs.5 and a maximum of Rs.169

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